For more than 180 years, the quaint home of the Bakerville Library has stood as both a touchstone of our common past and a threshold into the future we all share.
Come see for yourself.

Bakerville Marketplace and Used Book Sale, August 2011

Thanks to you.


The Bakerville Marketplace and Used Book Sale, Saturday, August 6th, raised about $4,000 and was a great time all around. And we were all happy to see Frisky again!

auction tent 2011

We have many people to thank. Bear with us as we build this list, and check back often for updates.

book sale outside

Thanks to the Friends, in totally random order:

Kathy White, Pam FitzGerald, Nancy Pretak, Paulina Auclair, Patty Cerruto, Carole Korzynski, Deb Reardon,
Milissa Woodward, Joan Auclair, Nell Roberts

Thanks to the Board, in official order:

Dianne Litchfield, Kathy Kinane, Brett Brunetti,
Elaine Carmelich, Tina Demo, Dan Dickinson, Barbara Goff, Arnold Goldstein, Linda Hull, Greg Jahne, Carmen Neale,
Kirk Sinclair, Jeff Solak, Neal Yates

Thanks to many other volunteers, who sorted books, set up, moved firehouse furniture, broke down the marketplace and book sale, hauled books to Good Will, used their connections, worked the auction, etc., including:

Hank Fitzgerald, LuAnn Poe, Acadia Otlowski, Chris Otlowski, Michael Brauer, Luke Dickinson, Randy Auclair, Jason Woodward, Gavin Woodward, Troy Woodward, Kaitlyn Deming, Sara Hale

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Thanks to some annual helpers:

The Eureka Grange, for lending us their big striped tent, and Earl Phillips, for helping us pick it up and drop it off.

Albreada Refuse and Sweeping, for donating a dumpster.

The Bakerville Methodist Church, for letting us use their building to store and sort books, and their tables for the book sale, and Pastor Wes Villazon, for coordinating that effort, and Mandy Wright, for going the extra mile to get us the church key.

Bill Reardon, for mowing the library lawn. And both Deb and Bill Reardon, for letting us park on their lawn.

Electric Motion, for lending us tables.

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Our donors. Please thank individuals when you see them, and patronize businesses:

Aloha Tanning

Ameriprise/Jeff Benaitis

Apple Rehab Sport & Spa

The Auclair Family

Joan Auclair

Bakerville Package Store

Bantam Cinema

The Benaitis Family

Big Y Foods, Inc.

Pam Blomquist

Blue Fox Run

Book club for adults

Elaine Carmelich

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library board

M.E. Carroll & Sons

The Children's Museum

The Cork Fine Wine & Spirits

The Cutting Corner

Dairy Queen

Essex Steam Train & River Boat

Barbara Goff

Green Room Coffee House

Greenwoods Country Club

Lou Helt

Home Depot

Linda Hull

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Imagine Nation Museum

CeCe Jenkins

Jacqueline Kane

Jerram Winery

Klebe Fuel

Lime Rock Park

Lutz Children’s Museum

Main Stream Canoe


Mark Twain House & Museum

Priscilla Marshall

Mohawk Mountain


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kids' games

New Britain Museum of American Art

New Hartford Recreation

Newman’s Own


The Nygren Family

Amy Orlov

Rae Otlowski

P.C. Solutions

P. Sam's


J.C. Penney

Jeanne Phillips

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Pizzeria Marzano

Pizza Palace

Platinum Car Wash

Price Chopper

Quassy Amusement Park


The Richard Family

Roaring Brook Nature Center

Rock Cats Baseball

Marta Rubenoff

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Hank and Bob

Robin Ryan

Salon Q

Seven Angels Theatre

Shop Rite of Canton

Ski Sundown

Chris & Clark Slate

Super Cellars Warehouse Liquors


Warner Theatre

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

food booth

more children's books

Photos: Nancy Pretak